guild of craftsmen

The Tribe

man drawing plans

Large factories and mass-produced products are not our style. Cheap and quick are not in our vocabulary. We look to create a handcrafted piece with soul, a piece that a craftsman poured their heart into and made especially for you,a piece that speaks to you. We are glad you are here. The items you see on the following pages are snapshots in a craftsmen’s life. Its where his / her head was at that time, showcasing his / her skill set at that moment and displaying their  creativity for your use and  enjoyment. 

We are a guild of craftsmen from the far reaching corners of the world, each with our own history, our own heritage and our own stories. Some come from the great plains of the US, others from the Highlands of Scotland to mountains of the Czech Republic. However, we have one thing in common, we are Craftsmen. Just as poets must write, and warriors must battle, craftsmen must create. Our crafts, techniques and styles are not all the same yet we have come together as one to share our creations, our stories and our passion for our craft. It is our hope that our functional art will breathe new life into old stories and create pieces that inspire honor, courage and hope. We Are the Tribe!